Smart DC Fast Charger – C6AM

A reddot award winner in 2016, the C6AM is a revolutionary fast charger designed to meet future charging demands of private and public operators alike.

Designed with the constraints of the North American grid in mind, the C6AM can be configured on 480vac 3-phase input or 208vac 3-phase input to fit your specific infrastructure needs.

Up to 150 kW

Maximum output

The ultimate EV charging experience with DC fast charger

* The following is the estimated charging time for different types of cars with 80% SoC.
The Max. output power of C6AM is 150kW.

  • 82kWh


    Tesla Model 3

  • 93.4kWh


    Porsche Taycan 4S

  • 95kWh


    Audi e-tron

  • 78kWh


    Polestar 2

C6AM is ideal for

A glance at C6AM

  • Highly Customizable

    Add customized branding for your charging station. We can customize both the hardware and software to your company’s specific needs. Chargers can be customized with POS or RFID for flexibility on authentication method.

  • Build to Last

    The C6AM is engineered to last and function through thick and thin. These units are IP54 rated meaning they are built to work in both extreme hot and extreme cold as well as a fully waterproof design.

  • Universally Compatible

    The C6AM can be equipped with CCS or CHAdeMo universal connectors and is fully UL certified. The charger is also OCPP compatible, allowing for even further software customization.

  • Optimized Efficiency

    With up to a 96% energy conversion rate, the C6AM can effectively reduce operating costs. It also supports remote troubleshooting and diagnosis with an average up time of over 99%.

  • Unique Cooling System

    Innovative Z-shaped wind channel to avoid rotary airflow and to increase cooling efficiency as well as increase the charger’s ability to cope with shifts in external climate conditions.

  • Visualized Charging Status

    100 LED lights placed on top of the unit indicate the charging status and increase visibility in remote places or poorly lit environments.

Tech Specs

  • Maximum output power
    480V:60 / 90 / 120 / 150 kW
    208V:95 kW
  • Output voltage range
  • Maximum output current
    200 ADC(250 ADC prepared)
  • Connection standard
  • Cable assembly length
    3.3m; optional 5 / 7 / 10 m
  • Maximum output power
    480V:60 kW
    208V:35 kW
  • Output voltage range
  • Maximum output current
    125 ADC
  • Connection standard
    CHAdeMO 1.0
  • Cable assembly length
    3.3 m; optional 5 / 7 / 10 m
General Specifications
Technical parameters
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    25 x 29 x 69 Inches
  • Connector type
    Single-/ Double-CCS Combo 1
    or CCS Combo 1+ CHAdeMO 1.0
  • Maximum output current
  • Efficiency
    95% (at a nominal power output)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
    < 5%
  • Ventilation system
    Centrifugal fans with exchangeable air filters
  • LED and screen
    LED indicators + 15 inch visible HD screen
  • Weight
    325 - 395 kg
  • Maximum output performance
    480V:60 to 150 kW(in 30 kW steps)
    208V:95 kW
  • Input voltage
    3-phase 480 VAC/208 VAC±10%, 60 Hz
  • Power factor
    99% (at a nominal power output)
  • Onscreen branding / advertising
    PNG / JPG / MP4
  • Power metering
    AC meter with MID /ETL certificate
  • Communication protocol
    OCPP 1.6 (2.0 ready) JSON web socket or XCHARGE protocol
  • Network connection
    GPRS / 3G / 4G / LAN / WIFI (optional)
  • Operation system
  • Authentication method
    RFID / QR code / Remote command
Environmental conditions
  • Operational temperature range
    -20°C - 50°C
  • Noise level
    < 70 dB
  • Operational humidity range
    5 % to 95 % non-condensing
Safety characteristics
  • IP Rating
  • Residual current protection switch (RCD)
    Type A

  • Access protection
    Half cylinder lock 30/10
  • IK Rating (Mechanical Impact)
  • Safety protection
    Over/Under voltage-, Overload-, Short Circuit-, Anti-access-, Earth leakage-, Lightning-, Overheat-protection
    IEC 61851-1:2011, IEC 61851-23:2014, IEC 61851-24:2014, IEC 62196-3:2014, ISO 15118, DIN 70121-2014